We have a wide range of instruments available. They represent the most significant part of our hardware. Designed to read, process, transmit and store data in an extended range of temperature. All of them are equally robust and the selection depends on the number and type of sensors to be connected.


This equipment has been designed to accurately read, process, store and transmit data of the main meteorological variables. It is housed in a compact enclosure and works accurately in an extended range of temperature.


RD 55 is a data logger - transmitter designed to satisfy the needs of data processing, logging and transmitting environmental data from any setting.
Conceived mainly for the acquisition of serial digital inputs, has the option of installing an interface board for data acquisition from: frequency, pulses and analog sensors.


The ESC32 is a datalogger optimized for studies of site locations of solar power plants and their monitoring and operation. It is a weatherproof general datalogger fully configurable.


The 3 alarms anemometric control (C3A ) designed and manufactured by Seac is one equipment that measures wind speed and outputs 3 user programable alarms.