The 3 alarms anemometric control (C3A ) designed and manufactured by Seac is one equipment that measures wind speed and outputs 3 user programable alarms.
The equipment measures and displays wind speed and stores 7 programable parameters.
These parameters control and activate/deactivate the wind alarms.
This equipment works with any Seac anemometer. At the customer request, it can be customized to any other anemometer on the market.

General features

Programmable settings:
          - Sampling time
          - 3 alarm thresholds
          - Hysteresis
          - Active alarm time
          - Concurrent deactivation delay
Wind speed display.
RS232 output.


C3A Technical features


Measuring system             Pulse counter
Measuring range             0 to 234 Km/h
Sensitivity threshold             0,7 Km/h
Resolution             1 Km/h)
Accuracy             +2%

Power supply

Power supply 12 to 24 Vcc or 9,0,9 Vac
Power consumption 200 mA
Electrical protection Resettable fuse
Operating temperature range -30ºC ... +70ºC


Housing Policarbonate fiber reinforced
Dimensions 75x75x47 mm

 Alarm outputs

Number of alarms 3
Output type Open collector
Max. output power 200 mA (Standard )
Communication RS232

Programable threshold ranges

Alarms outputs 1,2,3. 0 to 99 Km/h
Sample time 0 to 99 s.
Hysteresis 0 to 99 s.
Active alarm 0 to 99 min.
Delay 0 to 99 s.


Display 3 digits LED
  Digit 1 - Program status
  Digits 2,3 - Wind speed or Configuration