Seac S.A. ( Sociedad Española de Aplicaciones Cibernéticas S.A. ) was founded in 1981 for working in the field of Meteorology and Environment with the purpose to offer the best solutions to our customers through the constant innovation and employing the latest technologies.
It has his own facilities located in Madrid in an industrial area close to Barajas Airport.

Our activity

We manufacture wind, temperature and humidity sensors along with a broad range of weather stations and data loggers.
Software applications developed by our company, are constantly updated and upgraded for data processing and transmitting.
Our qualified and experienced staff provides technical assistance for the best products’ operability.
We offer our customers the training they need for best understanding of the equipment and maintenance programs that enable to extend the useful life of the products in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
We carry out all the phases of the project, from the installation to its start-up and approval.
Our know how is offered to third-parties to put on market new products.
The aim of our Company is to perform a sustainable innovation to make new objects of high quality, with the longest possible product life and easily repairable.

Business Areas

Through its core business Seac S.A. has gained a lot of experience developing proprietary solutions with an added value that have allowed to transfer their knowledge to other areas like:
- Environmental protection.
- Related aids to aerial navigation.
- Traffic safety.
- Renewable energies.
- Agriculture

Contact Us

Tel.:            (+34) 913270123

Email:         seac@seac.es

Website:    www.seac.es

C/ San Romualdo, 26 4ª planta
C.P. 28037 Madrid