We manufacture wind, temperature and humidity sensors for different applications and incorporate to our projects a selection of third party manufacturers to fulfil the customers’ specifications.


We have several models of dataloggers regarding the number and type of sensors, energy consumption, type of communication etc.

Weather Stations

Consist of a modular product range that allows several configurations, with different characteristics and functions.

The best solutions for our customers through a continuous innovation and using the latest technologies.


We supply a wide range of own products, from Sensors to full integrated systems that are able to meet the customer’s needs.


We have different systems for a wide variety of applications as traffic safety, air navigation assistance, removable energies, agriculture, etc.
We adapt our systems to your specific project.


Seac has trained specialist to carry out the tasks of Installation, repair and maintenance of our equipment and the third-party items included in our projects.


The Company has a development team to carry out the tasks of design, development and testing of hardware and software as for our own products as at the request for our customers.

The company

Seac was founded in 1981 to work in the field of environment and meteorology with the aim of offering our customers the best solutions to their needs through a continuous innovation and using the latest technologies.


If you would like any further information, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.