RD51 is a data logger - transmitter designed to satisfy the needs of data processing, logging and transmitting data from any type of sensor with serial digital output.


Serial inputs: RS232, RS485, SDI-12; the built-in protocols satisfy most manufacturers.

The RD51 can incorporate any other proprietary protocol as well as any processing algorithm to satisfy customer needs.

The collected data are stored in an internal memory of 8 GB corresponding to intervals from 1 second to 24 hours.

RD51 has Ethernet interface to be connected to the user IP network.

Built in 4G/GPRS modem for transmitting from most remote locations without infrastructure.

A serial RS232 output is supplied for any other way of transmission (radio, satellite, etc.)


Logging and transmitting data from hydrology, environment, meteorology, airports, agriculture, industry, etc.



RD51 Technical Data

Serial Communication

Ethernet 1 port
RS232 1 port
RS485 1 port
SDI-12 / RS485 1 port
Internal Modem (Optional) 4G

Data Logging

Range 1 second~24 hours

Real-Time Clock

Type dd/mm/yyyy - hh:mm:ss
Resolution & Drift 1 second - 10 ppm
Synchronization SNTP (IP)

Power Supply Features

Power supply 8~32VDC
Max power consumption 1.3W
Operating temperature range -40ºC ~60ºC

Processor & OS

ARM Cortex A5

Mechanics & Dimensions

Case Polyamide
Width 45.2 mm
Heigth 99 mm
Depth 113.65 mm
Weight 200 gr