Several models and functionalities.


The automatic weather station SEAC EMA32 has been designed for data acquisition and transmission from sites without AC power supply. Its low power consumption makes it an ideal solution for telemetry applications.


The automatic weather station SEAC EMA51 is a compact outdoor solution to be installed in any location and environment. It integrates Ethernet communications, internal 4G modem (optional) and an RS232 serial output for any other form of transmission (radio, satellite, etc.)


This station has been designed with the latest technology and has the most powerful features on the market. It integrates Ethernet,3G/GPRS and GPS. It can communicate with any digital intelligent available sensor.

TM-03 Y SC-03

This system consists on one datalogger to be installed in a road maintenance vehicle along with sensors. Collected data, together with the road position, are transmitted in real time to a Control Centre for maintenance and weather prediction activities.

A solution for each particular need.