ESC32 Datalogger / Data interface


This data logger has been designed for data acquisition and transmission of meteorological and environmental sensors. Its low power consumption makes it an ideal solution for telemetry applications.
It is based on our RD32 datalogger, without display and housed in a weatherproof case with IP65, M12 connectors.


The ESC32 is provided with 8 analog and 14 digital inputs, with scalable and programmable ranges and 2 serial ports (RS232, RS485). They make it suitable for the most part of the sensors on the market, even the intelligent ones.


Storing data internally (512KB RAM) is reliable because the ESC32 is provided with an internal battery with high autonomy.

Low Power

The RD32 perfectly fits field installations in limited energy conditions. Energy savings algorithms are included in the software. Electronics and software are specifically low power oriented in order to maximize the autonomy.


The ESC32 has one RS485 port to carry out a user-friendly management through a command console.
From this terminal we can perform: parameters configuration, operation monitoring, alarms management and visualization of stored and real time data.
Access to information is also available using Modbus protocol, well suited for multiple equipment facilities.

Time synchronization

An external GPS connected to an RS232/485 port carries out Time synchronization.


ESC32 Technical features

Entrada sensores


Voltage mode 0-1 Vcc; 4-20 mA, etc
8 Ch. in common mode
4 Ch. in differencial mode
2 Ch. In PT100 mode

Digitales 7 channels
  5 frecuencia/contador
  1  8 bits parallel or serial synchronous

Measuring ranges, resolution and accuracy






0÷2.4 V

50 uV

500 uV

0÷70 mV

10 uV

100 uV

Digital frequency

10 KHz

1 Hz

1 Hz

Pulse counter


1 pulse

1 pulse


Internal memory 512 Kbytes (RAM with battery)


Tipo tiempos Capture, sampling, integration
Range 1 sec. to 12 hours
Escalado Ej.: -30ºC~70ºC, 4-20mA, etc.


Type dd/mm/yyyy - hh:mm:ss
Resolution and drift 1 sec. – 10 ppm.
Synchronization GPS or manual

Serial communication

Port Isolated RS485 / RS422(1200 ... 9.600 bps)
Protocol ModBus and management console

Management and control

Type Console
Configuration Set of commands for configuration, supervision, alarms management and visualization

Real time data request. Stored RAM and CF data request

Diagnostic Diagnostic mode with real time input data Reading

Digital outputs

Number 2
Type Isolated, open collector
Modes Alarm, timed control or generic configurable output

Power supply

Internal 3.7 V Litium Ion battery for real time clock and Back-up
External 6 to 16VDC
Management Internal and external batteries measurement
Alarm External digital input for battery charge failure detection

Operating consumption

Active <15 mA
Low power <6 mA
Sleep <1 mA
Serial port 20 mA

Sensors power suply

Power Sensors power supply input independent of equipment power supply
Range 8 to 24 VDC
Supply mode Optoisolated and individual mode for each group of sensors

Environmental ranges

Operation -30ºC to +70ºC
Storage -30ºC to +85ºC


Housing Polycarbonate IP65 case
Dimensions ( LxWxH ) 200 x 148 x 66 mm
Weight 790 Grs