The SEAC EMA51 automatic weather station is a compact outdoor solution to be installed in any location and environment.

The EMA51 station can be configured according to the several needs of the application: aeronautics, climatology, agrometeorology, synoptics, sports facilities, roads, railways, etc.

The simplest version contemplates the exclusive input of individual, multiparametric and intelligent digital sensors; which makes any type of equipment calibration unnecessary.

General features

Multiple inputs

The RD51 data logger has serial inputs: RS232, RS485, SDI12; Built with protocols that satisfy most manufacturers.

Severe weather conditions

Designed to be installed and operate in any weather conditions. All the elements of the station are housed in a glass fiber enclosure with IP65 rating.

Easy handling

The station has multiple connecting elements clearly identified for the easy installation of the sensors.

The internal components are mounted on a DIN rail.


Seac provides an easy handling graphic program for supervision and configuration of the met. station and sensors.

Data output

The data logger has an Ethernet interface to be connected through an IP network.

Internal 4G/GPRS modem (optional) for transmission from remote locations without infrastructure.

It has an RS232 serial output for any other form of transmission (radio, satellite, etc.)

Information can be sent to multiple computer systems simultaneously. This allows redundancy in communications and information sharing between different institutions.

SEAC has the Copernicus system for those clients who do not have concentrator systems.

Power options

The Seac station EMA51 has a low power consumption even with several connected active sensors.

The station can be powered by a solar panel with battery of 38Ah or with 110-220VAC and battery of 17Ah, etc. (Optionally other capacities).


The weather station can be easily scalable just plugging in the new sensors and setting inputs and measuring ranges.

EMA51 Technical features


Ethernet 1 port
RS232 1 port
RS485 1 port
SDI-12 / RS485 1 port
Internal Modem (Optional) 4G


ARM Cortex A5

Power Supply Features

Range 8~32VDC
Max power consumption 1.3W
Operating temperature range -40ºC ~60ºC
100-240 VAC con SAI
Optional solar panel power

Real-Time Clock

Type dd/mm/yyyy - hh:mm:ss
Resolution & Drift 1 second - 10 ppm
Synchronization SNTP (IP)


10 meters folding
10 meters aeronautical paint 170 mm
4 meters folding 130 mm
2 meters 60 mm


Supported sensors

Multi-parameter weather sensor
Humidity and temperature
Wind speed and direction
Ultrasonic wind sensor
Soil and subsoil temperature
Weighing Rain Gauge
Tipping bucket Rain Gage
Visibility and Present Weather
Snow height
Cloud Height
Road Sensors
Solar Radiation sensors
Water flow meter
Road state
Other Modbus and SDI12 sensors


Type Polyester with fiberglass
Depth 170 mm
Width 250 mm
Heigth 350 mm