The automatic weather station SEAC EMA32 has been designed for data acquisition and transmission from sites without AC power supply. Its low power consumption makes it an ideal solution for telemetry applications.

General features

8 analogue inputs
14 digital inputs
512KB internal memory
512 MB external compact flash
2 serial ports
Low power consumption
Easy handling
GPS time synchronization
Severe weather operation

Multiple inputs

The datalogger of the station has multiple analogue and digital inputs configurable by the user depending on the type of sensor’s measuring range. Most sensors on the market fit these inputs.
Smart sensors sending data through serial communication can be connected to the Data logger, as pressure, visibility, present weather, etc. 

Severe weather conditions

Designed to be installed and operate in severe weather conditions. All the elements of the station are housed in a glass fiber enclosure with IP65 rating, except antennas and solar panels when applicable.

Easy handling

The station has multiple connecting elements clearly identified for the easy installation of the sensors.
Most of the internal elements are mounted on Din rail for an easy installation and maintenance.

Data storing

Collected data are stored in the internal and the external memories for further processing.
Storing intervals are configurable by the user and can be modified at any moment without affecting the previous stored data.
The internal storage has a 512Kb RAM memory with battery. The external storage is an industrial grade Compact flash type 1 of 512Mb.

Data output

The station has two serial outputs to acquire the stored information. One output is RS232 and the other one in an isolated RS232, RS422 or RS485. The user can access the stored data, get information on the configuration, etc. whenever needed, through both channels.
It should be noted that both serial outputs are independent of each other and can work simultaneously with two different systems, e.g. one local and another remote.
Communication equipment as analogue, GSM, GPRS modems; satellite transmitter; ethernet adpters, etc. can be connected to both serial outputs.
Seac’s Copernico system can handle the communications, processing, visualising, etc.

Power options

The Seac station EMA32 has a low power consumption even with several connected active sensors.
The station can be powered by a solar panel with buffer battery of 38 Ah. Or with 110-220 VAC and buffer battery of 17 Ah.


EMA32 Technical features


The Met. station SEAC EMA32 can be easily scalable just plugging in the new sensors and setting inputs and measuring ranges.


Seac provides an easy handling graphic program for supervision and configuration of the met. station and sensors. This program allows: replace and attach new sensors,extract and use data, display in real time, modify logging intervals etc.

Integration in networks

The station is compatible with the data acquisition and management system Copernico of Seac.
Deployment of networks can be carried out by integrating multiple stations, each one with its own configuration, computation and logging interval. The Seac system Copernico display real time data, create text reports and graphics of historical data, web publishing, etc.


- 10 meters folding
- 10 meters aeronautical paint
- 4 meters folding
- 2 meters

Supported sensors


Temperature PT100

Temperature 0-1 Vcc

Humidity 0-1 Vcc

Mixed T/H (temperature/humidity)

Irradiation (IRD10 adapter probe)

Temperature 4-20 mA

Digital frequency

Wind speed

Digital parallel

Wind direction ( 8,7 and 6 bits gray code )

Digital serial

Wind direction serial synchronous.

Digital counter

Pluviometer 0.1 ; 0.2 mm/min

Digital state