In addition to development and manufacturing activities, Seac has trained personnel to perform installation, repairing and maintenance tasks of our equipment and that of the third party added to our systems.
We make the repair on-site or in our workshops where we have appropriate instruments.
The preventive and corrective maintenance is carried out according to customer needs, manufacturer specifications and legal and technical requirements.
Our after-sale service considers the update and upgrade of the software of equipment and control centres.
When we incorporate third party equipment or subsystems we ensure optimize resources.
and create value for our customers.

Technical service

We have qualified personnel to provide after-sale technical assistance to get the best operability of the equipment and for any kind of action aimed to extend, update and integrate equipments and systems.
In case of special needs, emergencies or unexpected failures we provide a quick and competent consulting to solve the problem in the best way possible.
For a better quality assurance of our repairs we have a wind tunnel, climatic chamber and electromagnetic field test equipment.


Our company offers our customers to set a maintenance program for lengthening the useful live of the equipment in the most efficient and economical way.
The maintenance may be: preventive according to customer and manufacturer specifications, corrective within agreed response time or both included.


Our personnel are certified to carry out works at heights, risky activities and specific of the work place.
We carry out all the stages of the project until its start-up and approval.
We count on the cooperation of accredited specialized companies in civil works; supply and installation of electrical or mechanical accessory needed for the project.
For every installation we provide tilting masts in steel, aluminium and glass-fibre; cross arm for wind sensors; pluviometer pole; temperature, irradiation etc. sensor mounts and brackets; solar panels and frames; beacons etc.
We provide the most appropriate accessories according to the project needs.
In addition to installing and maintaining, environmental, radiological and meteorological stations and networks, we supply equipment for solar and wind parks control,cableways, ornamental fountains, etc.