The Company has a development team to carry out the tasks of design, development and testing of hardware and software as for our own products as at the request for our customers.
To accomplish these tasks we have suitable checking and testing calibrated equipment with traceability to standards in the measuring of temperature, humidity, pressure, and irradiation.
Furthermore, we have equipment for testing and trial as climatic chamber, electrostatic discharges and wind tunnel.



Many years of expert knowledge have led us to offer this expertise to third party companies to put into market new products not competitive with ours.
We offer our knowledge to companies without R&D resources; companies with R&D department for occasional support for specific projects and companies interested on the development of a new project to exploit collaboratively.
We contribute our knowledge and experience on data acquisition, process and transmission; electronics and software applications.


Creativity is at the base of innovation. We pay particular attention to the generation of ideas in order to achieve original solutions for our customers.
Many of our activities have been developed through agreements with industry, R&D centres and Universities who contribute their knowledge.
In some cases, we have obtained government grants given the interest of the projects.

The most suitable solution for any case brought to us.