Our goal is to provide supervisory bodies, integrating companies, scientific bodies, a technological partner that helps design and implement radiological detection networks.
The design is done in a simple way and we provide all the information so that our partners carry out the implementation of the network without requiring resources from other companies.
Control of the network is always in your hands as we provide only the non-expert parts.
Universities, regional governments, etc. They can benefit and create a technological ecosystem in their immediate environment, not always having to resort to external companies.

Implement your own network with our resources

With our sensor technology, you can deploy your own monotone network using your existing systems, staff, local businesses, universities.
We help launch your own monitoring network without resorting to expensive vendor licenses. Only pay what you need, and you will continue to generate added value.
The versatility of communication systems (Ethernet, 4G, radio, etc.) allows the monitoring system to be adapted to your needs.

Software solutions

We provide Source code for communications software, management, analysis, ... being the basis of the System developed by the client.
The use of the Source code is free of rights.
Among the various characteristics we can mention:
• Communications with sensors.
• Database storage
• Exploitation of information in graphic form
• Automatic analysis
• Redundancy
• Generation of alarms

Management services

Additionally, the client can choose to delegate the management of the measurement network to our systems, downloading its design.
We have various options to suit various needs.

As an alternative to using our standard detectors (Argus probes), new products can be designed together, guaranteeing their life cycle.

Similarly, all particular software developments can enter the software maintenance line.
With these premises, our clients guarantee the continuity of their products and systems.