TMC20 is a compact sensor to measure wind speed and direction.
It has an aluminium and ABS body for a lightweight and stable structure.
Intelligent heating module to operate in harsh environments.


- Compact, lightweight, and with no moving parts.
- Plastic and aluminium body.
- Phase compensation technology.
- Three axis compass.
- Acceleration module to stabilize data.


TMC20 Technical Data


Protection IP65
Humidity  range 0~100%
Temperature range -40~70°C
Power supply 7-30V
Power consumption 10mA@12V
Low power mode 1mA@12V


Output frequency 1s (0.20s customized)
Protocol MODBUS/NMEA-0183 o ASCII
Analog output 2 outputs 4-20mA
Digital output SDI-12 & RS232 & RS485

Wind direction

Measuring system Ultrasonic
Measuring range 0~359°
Precision ±3%
Response time 1s (0.20s customized)

Wind speed

Measuring system Ultrasonic
Measuring range 0~60 m/s
Precision ±2%
Resolution 0.01m/s
Response time 1s (0.20s customized)


Diameter 144mm
Heigh 163mm
Weight approx.  0.38kg
Material ASA