SP6 Pressure sensor


The SP6 pressure sensor is based on a barometric capsule consisting of a compensated piezoresistive transducer produces an electrical signal proportional to the applied pressure, which is converted by electronic circuit to signals digital series and frequency pulses.
The whole set is housed in a weatherproof box. The generated signal, as well as the power supply for the sensor is transmits through a polarized plug weather.

General features

- Range 500-1200 hPa.
- Resolution ±0.1 hPa.
- Accuracy ±0.1 hPa (at 25ºC).
- IP65 weatherproof box.
- Outputs:
Serial RS232
Pulses in frequency



SP6 Technical features


Measurement principle Compensated piezoresistive transducer
Measurement Range 500-1200 hPa

Operation (-40 to +85ºC)

Precision ±0.1 hPa (at 25ºC)
Precision ±0.4 hPa (-40 to +85ºC)
Resolution ±0.1 hPa
Deviation 0.25 hPa máx. per year


Pulses in frequency 1500 Hz-6500 Hz (1100-
Serial RS232

Power Supply Features

Power supply 6,5V to 15V
Power Consumption 92mA @ 12V


Height 120mm
Width 120mm
Depth 80mm