Temperature and humidity sensor SD03TH


This sensor of temperature and humidity is based on Sensirion SHT35. It contains a capacitive type humidity sensor, a band gap temperature sensor and specialized analog and digital integrated circuit – all on a single CMOSens® chip. This yields in an unmatched sensor performance in terms of accuracy and stability as well as minimal power consumption.
The sensor is protected with a polyester filter with a permeable membrane to water vapour.
Every sensor is individually calibrated and tested.


SD03TH Technical features


Operating temperatura: -40 to 70 ºC
Digital output: I2C compatible with equipment Seac SC03
Dimensions L= 56 mm; Diam. 19 mm
Power supply 3.6 vCC.
Power consumption: 1.7 mA
Connector: Plastic IP65


Measuring range 0 to 100 %
Resolution 0.05 HR
Accuracy at 25ºC +- 1.8% RH
Temperature dependence +-1.5% (-20 to 60ºC)
Response time: 10s (63%)


Measuring range -30 to 70 ºC.
Resolution 0.02ºC.
Accuracy: + - 0.3ºC; +- 0.5ºC (-20 to 70ºC)